Emotionally Destructive Marriage by Jeyran Main

When a relationship feels like you are being regularly abused, squashed, dominated, demeaned, degraded, deceived, or dismissed, then you are in an emotionally destructive marriage.


The living situation is lethal to the personhood of the individual so, the effects of being in an emotionally destructive marriage is catastrophic. When the equilibrium between two people becomes one sided and one has power over the other, the emotionally destructive marriage takes over, making it impossible to live a healthy normal life.

Here are the steps a relationship takes before it reaches the point of no return.


  • Content and hopefulness

At this stage, even when you see red flags, you still have hope. You talk about things and somehow to try to resolve them.


  • Confusion

At this stage, things keep repeating, and conversations are becoming pointless. Mistakes and problems re occur and re surface, creating confusion and sadness.


  • Struggling

At this point, you feel that you are really struggling to get your needs met. Things are becoming one way and one sided. Nothing is working the way you want them to. Every method you have tried to resolve the problems isn’t displaying a possible turn around.


  • Miserable

At this stage, you feel sad, depressed, disheartened and hopeless. Every avenue and door you have knocked have shut down. Your relationship is a disappointment. The strain of the failed marriage is causing you mental stress, anxiety and you begin to feel that you have lost the will to continue.


  • Point of no return

At this point, you feel that you need to save yourself out of the dump you have been pushed into. The only way out is a divorce, and you begin to feel the light at the end of the tunnel. You are aware that it is not going to be easy and struggle emotionally due to the depression and sadness you are feeling, however, you know that if you separate, then things will finally begin to get better. You start thinking on how to gain your freedom and relieve yourself from suffocation.


These are the steps one takes in a relationship when relationships are falling apart.


Written by Jeyran Main


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