Harnessing Altruism by Sava Buncic (Book Review #284)

Harnessing Altruism is a dystopian fiction story. The world is almost to its end. Troy Turnbull, the prime minister of Nativa, has been trying his best to communicate the fact that the countries have to work together in sharing recourses in order for all of them to survive. He has even gone to the extent of identifying the key resources in each sector by comparing data from the independent reports, just to make sure he has his facts right. Some comply and some don’t, causing a civil war. Troy’s country is not doing well and this brave leader does nothing short but to use his power to do good.

The storyline is a good representation of what could happen if global warming hits us to a point where we begin to lose what matters to us most. How civil war could ruin everything we hold dear to us and how if at that stage we don’t manage to work together, we could lose everything.

I particularly enjoyed the plot as it was well thought out, and the steady pace kept you wanting to know more. Alongside, the world setting and good quality literature, I also picked up on the style of which the author managed to include emotions and personality into the book.

I believe a strong dystopian novel, as this was, there could not have been a better-suited plot and layout for the story. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading dystopian futuristic stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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