Lily and the Enchanted Forest by Victor A. Wilkie (Book Review #24)

Olympus is in trouble as the God of war is vowing to kill Darius and Occam, slay the demon wolf and take the lady of the forest for his own pleasures. The good has to come together and fight against the evil or else darkness will take over.

The enchanted forest is like entering the world resembling the ones you saw in the Disney “Maleficent” movie. The description of this forest is very similar to the fairies, unicorns and forest creatures we saw with magical surroundings in the film. You also get to meet ‘The three fates.’ Do you remember them from ‘Hercules’?

There is a form of darkness in this forest that humans are afraid of. Lily, the Lady of the forest, protects the land from anyone that wishes to harm it. There are many secrets that this enchanted forest beholds. The twist with the whole story is that it also contains mythological storytelling such as Zeus, the king of Gods and Ares, the God of war.

The story actually begins with this little girl, Brianna, and her adventure into this mystical place. Brie and Lily bond very strongly and that is how she is involved with everything that happens in the forest.

“Anger can sometimes be born of love, but love will always overcome the anger,” Lily speaks to Brie.

The book has a very sweet love story to it. The very kind that we know never will happen but always wish for it anyhow.


Brie has a wonderful father that is always there for her and a nagging mother that irritates the reader. I really liked the constant words of wisdom Lily would give to Brie. Lily was more than a mother to Brianna than her biological mom. Because of this, the book, in my opinion, has many positive learning messages and is great for kids.

“We must never fear another being simply because we do not understand it,” Lily informs Brie in one of their interactions.

The style of writing was unique. Due to the storyline and the historical background of the work, the Author did a magnificent job in having the story flow well and maintain a steady pace of events, adventures, and exciting drama into the whole ordeal. I also wish to congratulate the Author on the ability to add so many different dialogues between each character and still be able to connect them all together in a very pleasant and not so confusing way.

You will have to read the book to find how the story ends, who darkness is and how Brie falls in love but I can tell you one thing, you won’t be disappointed reading this book.

I will end this review with a quote from the book that I particularly liked.

“Be warned, if hatred fills you, young Brie, you’ll become the same as the foul creature who attacked you today.”

Written by Jeyran Main

How did you like this review? Would you care to comment on any other books you have read, that provide strong positive messages?

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