Two Sons Too Many by Aidan McNally (Book Review #22)


Two sons too many is a 498-page book written in the format of a memoir expressing everything that has happened to the Author in his lifetime so far. This utterly truthful tale of Aidan not only touches the coldest of hearts but also infuriates you to an extent where you just wish to scream.

As I was reading this book chapter by chapter, my psychological background kicked in. I kept questioning and wanting to figure out why Aidan is behaving the way he is and making certain choices that essentially shape up to be reasons for his sufferings. It is a tough disposition to be in just to understand how Aiden behaves and not judge him since no one can ever understand how it feels but Aiden himself. Therefore, for me, this review will probably be one of the hardest I have done. Not only because of the true nature of the story, which in fact is heartbreaking but also because of the person I understood Aiden to be.


If anyone wanted to argue that Aidan lived a tremendously crazy life from the age of 12 till where the book ends, I have no problem agreeing with that. What I did understand, though, was that Aiden struggled, and struggled more and eventually gave in to repetitive destructive behavior which subsequently cost him too many too soon. The tremendous loss that he endured was not his fault, and the cause that he is currently fighting for is justified. He suffers many pains and encounters many punches to his heart, head, and body for no fault of his own, however when you have a background, and you know how the system works then you should also know that it never forgives or forgets you.

Aidan’s writing is highly skilled in drawing the reader in and making him weep when he is crying and scream when he is fighting.

While a memoir is all about writing moments or events that happen in the subject’s life, we can somehow disregard the level of literacy and form of writing of which the Author has. However, I would recommend the Author to seek assistance in general proofreading of his work. Unless I received a bad copy through Kindle.

Aidan is a great father, and the love that he has for his children runs deep within his veins. It is very clear that there will be nothing that can come between this eternal love. He will fight, and he must win to save himself and his loved one.

 Written by Jeyran Main

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This book was given to me by the Author, Aidan McNally for a review.

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