Saint George: Rusty Knight and Monster Tamer by John Powell (Book Review #19)


This review is written for Online Book Club.

“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

Welcome to the world where the King of England has crown off weeks, goat milk is his favorite beverage and cannot read to save his own life. The prime minister, Merlin the Whirlin, is a smart little number that can read and makes important decisions for the country on his behalf. While soaking up in bath water seeking wisdom, is a tradition in this world, When he is sacked for being annoying Merlin initializes a union consisting of two members including himself to stand up to the king, in protest.

This book is about George and how his talent and dedication repeatedly manages to save the country. The story begins with King Freddie back and forth-ing with France as he continues to tolerate his annoying prime minister who is, a know it all.

Monsters and creatures consistently attack and disturb the people and the country. Merlin finds George who has a secret weapon, which tames these monsters and keeps them friendly. By paying this poor soul a fraction of what they pay themselves, the King & Merlin manage to have George solve many issues such as stopping Scotland from invading, starting up an air balloon, Cleaning France up from infestation, and pretty much everything else that falls apart in the Kingdom.

This funny tale of ‘Saint George’ is written with great one-liner kickers and many references to the British slang. “If I need a quack, I’ll keep a duck,” Merlin says making me giggle away as I wondered how much funnier this story could get?

Plot and storyline aside the Author comes up with the weirdest names one could imagine! “Breton Bongloppers,”“Marmorgugelhupf,” “Hungarian Woggalog” and “Irish Whatsits” are just touching the surface with this delightfully written children’s book.

What I liked most about this book was that every chapter consisted of a single story. This works really well since a child can read the book by chapters. Also, I liked the fact that the written literacy was to a higher standard than I imagined it to be. For these reasons and everything mentioned above, I give the book four stars.

I recommend this book for children aged between 9- 12 and for parents that wish to read with their kids and enforce fun into their learning vocabulary.

Written by Jeyran Main

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