INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel

INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel

“Don’t annoy the Author, he/ she can put you in their book and kill you off.”– A phrase often used by the author posters or mugs.

This phrase got me thinking intensely about the ways writers as myself included get inspired in both good and bad ways.

I, for example, have used an ex to inspire a villain for my second book. And who doesn’t believe their ex is a demon, I actually wrote her into one.

On the other end, I’ve also gotten inspired for a good character by a person I once knew; one I consider an amazing one! (Personally.)

In general, the weirdest things tend to inspire us; whether it’s a phrase, something you see, the people you know or just meet, but the ideas often are only for a loved one, so instead of the story, it’s for poetry instead.

I often got ideas for poems, even less so, for the ones I prefer; my stories. But all inspiration is good.

It’s not the same for everyone, the mind works in peculiar ways.

As many can testify to, a thought always hits you when you least expect it. You just must make a note of it before it’s forgotten- forever!  The ideas tend to often come when you’ve turned in for the night, all ready to go to dreamland. A place some people also find inspiration, not I thought. I rarely remember my dreams, but the few times I did, they have been used. As they say, dreams are a passageway to the soul.

For me personally, my books have evolved with the ideas I got while I worked on my stories in a better way, if this means for them to bug me at night, then so be it, and I don’t think I’m the only one with this point of view.

Not everyone is the same as this though, where some people find inspiration easy. (Or is lucky, has a muse.)

There are others, who are not as fortunate. To them, it’s fortunate to get just a few times of clarity when the mind wants inspiration to hit.

As for myself, I lay in the middle- no muse here- no easy way to come to the ideas. The most I find is for poetry, but I also on rare occasions I find a story idea, and when I do they are excellent, and I treasure those dearly.

Written by Dennis Scheel

About the Author

Dennis Scheel has always had the stories running in his head, but not until after his accident, which left him

mute and paralyzed on the right side was he able to tell them. After he worked his way back he wanted to

try to tell his story once more since an acquaintance told him there was talent in his poetry, he had been

convinced by his ex not to write for ten years she insisted he had no talents. This time, tried in English since

all other times failed. Finally, he succeeded, and he never stopped writing since.

Which led to the completion of No Way Back- The Underworlds and the sequel Taken With a Dark Desire:

The Underworlds

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One Comment on “INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel

  1. Author Scheel tells us that inspiration — “thoughts,” for seculars like me — can show up to a writer in all kinds of ways. Clearly, he has the good sense or experience (probably both) to see those when they show up, and maybe write them down when they do.

    I wonder if he has ever gotten inspiration for a GOOD story character, from thinking about his ex?

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