How to make time to read?

How to make time to read?

I have been asked numerous amount of times regarding my reading habits and how I get to read so many books and still manage to juggle everything else in my life.

Reading induces creativity and helps you mature your conception regarding complex problems. You grow intellectually, and at the same time, it comforts you in so many ways, which you may have never experienced.

Studies have shown that every year the average number of books being read in the United States decreases. This I believe is due to the hectic lifestyles we are modernizing into. Making time for such a rewarding thing, in my opinion, is crucial for your mental stability, growth, and mood. Hence, I am going to share my secrets on how I read so many books a year with you, for it is just as beneficial as exercising every day.


Secret Number One: Set a goal when you start

Before you start reading a book, pick how many pages you wish to indulge in before setting it aside. For instance, promise yourself that no matter what, you will read 50 pages before you get up to do anything else.

You can increase the number of pages, as you become a more regular reader.

Secret Number Two: Practice Speed Reading

This is a technique that is taught and is very effective. Speed-reading is especially beneficial if you are in university and you have piles of books (over 300 pages) you need to read in a short amount of time.

These techniques include things like reading in-group words instead of word by word or forcing your eyes to move faster by using a ruler or pen across the page.

Secret Number Three: Read before you sleep

Reading before you sleep relaxes you and tires your eyes in assisting you to sleep better. It allows you to put everything you have done aside during the day and just sweep you away into the world of which your book takes you into.


Next time you feel that you have no time to read, think again. You have more time than you think.

Written by Jeyran Main

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12 Comments on “How to make time to read?

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  2. Secret #4: Use Audio. I listen to books on a library site and subscribe to I listen while I drive or do tasks that don’t require my full attention (chores, painting the porch, gardening, etc.)…just don’t try to listen to a book while other people are talking to you…they catch on eventually. 😉

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  3. Those are very good suggestions. As a person who likes to read, I will make the time and let other things go. (There might be a little dust around my house if you look hard!) 😎😎


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