The Indivisible and the Void (Age of Axion Book 1) by David Wozniak (Book Review #584)

The indivisible and the void is a dark new fantasy about Master Voider Democryos (DEM) who is searching for his wife and works for King Andrej X, training individuals in using voidstones to manipulate matter in an indivisible realm.  There is a war going on with the Southern Kingdom, and because of that, they need more voiders. As Dem discusses this with the king, he suggests that Dem sleeps with Chimeline, a woman from his harem. Instead, they both begin an adventure in order to find a laboratory that experiments on women, torturing them. As they go along their quest, they get to know more about the voidstones.

I thoroughly enjoyed the complexity of the novel. The storyline included many layers of side stories that, once combined, made the read very intriguing. The literature was filled with fantasy and descriptive content, adding to the natural flow of the story. It was effortless to imagine the scenes and follow through the story.

The world setting is what stood out for me. It was described beautifully and made it sound so magical. The plot covers matters like drug abuse, has some romance, and advance magical maturity to it. I enjoyed the elements of reality embedded in the story as it made it grounded.

I recommend this book to fantasy readers and fans that like to read something different.

Written by Jeyran Main

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