A Place in Time by Jacqueline Hanson (Book Review #585)

A place in time is a contemporary novel based on a woman named Allie. The story describes how she is in a relationship with a man that is controlling. His abusive ways and condescending ways are visibly affecting the protagonist, and that instantly makes you bond with her wanting to save her from such a life. An accident changes her life, and with the change, she has to attempt in rebuilding what has been lost.

What I particularly enjoyed in this story was how the protagonist had a consistent conflict between the past and the future as she attempted to build her life. The literature displayed core emotions of what a woman in such a situation goes through. The content has, abuse, love, loss, romance, hope, and strength. It has a slow pace and builds the reader into the storyline.


I think what stood out for me was the character growth. Allie faces many emotions that inevitably enables her to make decisive moves. Frustrations, anger, laughter, doubt are just a few she goes through.


The book is compelling and encourages everyone to think positive regardless of the situation we deal in life. I recommend this book to fiction readers and people who are into reading contemporary style woman focused stories.


Written by Jeyran Main

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