All That Compels the Heart by Erin Bowlen (Book Review #586)

All that compels the heart is an adult romance about Aoife O’Reilly. This fictional story begins with Aoife having everything she has ever wanted. She has a great job, a decent boyfriend, best friends, and an admirable social life. As not all good things last, a tragedy has her lose all of that, and with that, the story begins to take an interesting turn.

Aoife buys a Manor begins to renovate it in a new town. She begins to make friends by meeting a contractor and a pub owner who change the way she feels and thinks about life. Michael, in particular, makes an impact on her, and although her initial interaction is off-putting, they end up getting along.


The literature had a slow pace to it and was set in Dublin. As Aoife moved to Ireland, so did the descriptive writing. It was well written with emotions, and I enjoyed how the protagonist was naïve and drawn as a believable character.


I would have preferred a little more character growth as the protagonist does indeed make some impactful changes to her life. However, what did exist was pleasant and intriguing to read. I recommend this book to fiction readers and those who like a little romance.


Written by Jeyran Main

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