Traveller-Inceptio by Rob Shackleford (Book Review #587)

Traveller-Inceptio is a sci-fi novel written about a group called the Travelers who happen to transport themselves to the 11th century trying to investigate medieval Saxon England, not realizing that they need more than just combat skills and technology in order to achieve their goal.

The world is 1000 years in the past, and the machine invented is a mistake; however, it works well, and they can go and come back with not a problem.

Michael is the lead character, and although he was drawn as a compelling person, I found it hard to connect with him. This did not take me away from enjoying the story. However, I would have preferred to have bonded with him on some level in order to sense the emotions he was going through.

I believe what really made this book stand out was its contrast between the now and the past. The worlds were just evidently different, and that made the storyline much more enjoyable. To make this book unique, I believe the author had to have a thorough knowledge of the period he wanted to base the plot on. I believe by doing this; the author allowed the reader to identify and place themselves with the story.

I particularly enjoyed the cover of the book, and that is not something I usually comment on. I recommend this book to historical fiction readers, sci-fi fans and people who like to read on time travel.

Written by Jeyran Main

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