Legacy of fear by AJ McCarthy (Book Review #657)

Legacy of fear is a story written about Emily. Her life appears to be regular with no issues until she is brutally attacked, and another person is killed. It takes her to be struck one more time to realize that this is not just a random incident. Questions begin to generate in her mind, and as she finds help in solving the mystery, her journey begins.

I found the story to be intensely filled with mystery, thrilling plotline, and good character interaction dialogue. Emily is a smart girl, and the relationships she had with characters such as Will, Francie, Trevor was all very well drawn. Romance is also another added factor to the mix of the story.


The pace of the story was steady, and the scenes were descriptive enough for the reader to picture. From reading many similar types of stories, one thing has to be spot on, and that is the thrilling nature of the content. The author, in this story, managed to keep the mind of the reader intrigued. He made you question what is going on up until the end of the book. Keeping the reader hooked was very important, and he succeeded in that.


I would recommend this story to people who like to read mystery, fiction, thriller stories.

Written by Jeyran Main


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