The places left unfilled by M. C. Cauley (Book Review #837)


The places left unfilled is a memoir written about Morgan and her life in pursuit of finding her father. As luck would have it, she befriends a neighbor; however, the connection does not bode well, and things only begin to shed some light when she meets a guy named Bill, who is a 45-year martial arts instructor.

The memoir is beautifully written and settled on a subject that could be controversial for some. Morgan is only 14 when she meets Bill, and the sexual relationship between them is illegal. Sexual abuse is a well talked about subject, and in most cases, you get to read about how the victim honestly didn’t want to be abused and how it takes them so long to deal with the aftermath.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The difference in this memoir was that Morgan really loved Bill. She didn’t see him as an abuser and even after she came to an age to realize what was happening is wrong, her perspective was unique to her situation.

The literature was written with honesty, and that made the work special. There was no dramatizing the situation or playing with words that would fluff up the reality.

What existed was a pure heart to heart natured book that I enjoyed reading till the end.

Written by Jeyran Main

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