Limited Edition by S. C. Wiles (Book Review #856)


Limited edition is a YA, Fantasy & Romance about Hali Edie Shawn and her journey trying to live as long as she can. However, things change when a few minutes before she turns 18, she feels pain around her thighs and is drawn into a light.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As she enters a new world, we are introduced to a land where mermaids and mermen exist. Hali then has to find a way back home and discover how she can be accepted by the Anchors of the land to free herself from their leader, Cas.

I found the tale to be very much fantasy-related. The work’s foundation was filled with young, exciting, and interesting characters to read.

The dynamic of the tale meshed well with the scenes and events that took place. The literature was a little intense at times and kept the reader intrigued, wanting to know more.

I enjoyed the cover design or the book. I thought it gave the right portrayal of what the story represented.

I recommend the book to young adult readers and fantasy readers.

Written Jeyran Main

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