The Epistles of Jesus by Bayard Hollingsworth (Book Review #871)


The Epistles of Jesus is a fictional story.  It provides a theoretical approach to the matter of “what if we discovered that Jesus had written his teachings down himself and those teachings turned out to be in contrast to what exists now?” Since most of the existing history about Jesus was written thirty to 40 years after he was gone, the story presents an interesting take on the situation during the period in which Jesus lived, reminiscing about things that could have happened.

I want to note that this book did not attempt to deny Christ, and neither did it promote him. It simply provided room for discussion about his nature and divinity. This, for me, was an exciting read. I truly relished it as I read page by page.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Due to the factual base of knowledge where for the first several decades there isn’t much Christian history, the author demonstrates his skills and speculates what it might have been like and how some of the participants during that time frame might have thought and behaved.

I very much enjoyed reading this book due to its nature of openness and room for interpretation. It allowed the reader the freedom to wonder. 

I recommend this book to religious fictional readers who enjoy books based on creative storytelling. 

Written by Jeyran Main

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