1000 BOOK REVIEWS…done!


I hit 1000 book reviews! Rod Walters kindly wrote this for me.

Written by Rod Walters

Congratulations, Review Tales, on 1,000!

Anyone ever run into another book reviewer who has chalked up a thousand reviews? Of course you almost certainly haven’t.

The first astonishing part about this reviewer’s posting 1,000 reviews is, she must have actually read many more books, just to decide on which particular thousand to critique publicly on Review Tales. Remember also all the many non-review articles, interviews, and assorted features that we have seen some days on that website. A living ad for a busy mind!

The second astonishing part about this milestone: how many more book reviews will be coming? Thousands? I truly hope there will be many, many more. All that’s easy to say, since I do not plan myself to put forth that gargantuan effort in the next decade or so.

Now, the gratitude part about which we all need to ponder. For website readers and followers who have not had a published book critiqued on Review Tales, you have gotten the fabulous gift of a great 1,000-book reading list, already summarized for you. Already summarized! You need then but take the lesser effort to pick and acquire the ones you liked, pre-critiqued (I plead very guilty).

For those of us who have had their books formally reviewed, we got one of an author’s greatest gifts: public mention. Advertisement. Recommendation. A writer’s gold! Having had one of my own works show up on Review Tales one fine morning in the past, I must admit that the next month’s living had an extra shine—and so my personal thank-you.

Therefore, Jeyranmain.com/Review Tales, I know we all wish you good fortune—and especially great health—as you continue publishing your work.

Oh, and as for the fortunate writing soul who landed that exact 1,000th review? If I still played cards, I’d back you in several rounds of poker, with such great luck like yours.


11 Comments on “1000 BOOK REVIEWS…done!

  1. Thank you for your dedication to authors worldwide and for bolstering the art of the storytelling. Art that falls on deaf ears is a tragedy. Art that is discussed and perpetuated is a gift to us all. We appreciate you, and congratulate you on this epic achievement.

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  2. See? I told you so! I told you so! Your following really likes you and the work you have done. And I truly hope people caught onto that bit about how you have summarized a _kilo-list _– I just coined that term for a huge list of 1,000 items — which we can glance through, and then lazily order the ones we want. You did the real sweat work. That’s _service right to our intellectual doorstops_. And my personal thanks again.

    I also hope people realize that we have to wish you great health above all. How else are you going to get to 2,000 for us!

    Many thanks, of course, for publishing my spiel. It truly does an author’s “pride gland” wonderful things to see our stuff printed out publicly. And making grammatical sense! Which will lead me to ask if that editing contract you started, has gotten better (smoother?).




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