From The Inside Out: A Reckoning and Redemption by Eric Dean Stuyvesant (Book Review #1401)


From The Inside Out’ is a beautiful book about Eric Stuyvesant forgetting his son, Michael, in the family van for 90 minutes on a warm Texas day. When he rushes back after realizing his tragic mistake, his son is barely alive, and Eric tries to save Michael.

The aftermath of what has happened, the guild, the pain, and the suffering caused to all the members of the family, as well as Eric himself, is excruciating to read. While I appreciated the utter honesty, I could not hold myself from tearing up at times as I could imagine every single scene and every emotion that was being felt.

The book is written well and put together. It is one of those reads that you won’t put down. The content is religiously inclined. The matter of faith and God shadows the entire premise, which was enjoyable to read.

I recommend this book to nonfiction readers, memoir fans, and those who like to read about family.

Written by Jeyran Main

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