June Short Book Reviews (Part One)

These short book reviews were kindly requested by Lean Stone Book Club.

Fasting by Jonathan Clear

This is a book written about the benefits of practicing Fasting. As we all may know, fasting has been best known for its religious connections, however; this book discusses matter beyond that. It also emphasizes as a way to losing weight, to cleanse and to heal as well.

In the beginning, I was very intrigued to see what the book was going to offer and it did not disappoint. I particularly liked where the author discusses how fasting can even benefit people with mental health. It was very hard for me to find anything bad about the book and so I recommend it to anyone that wishes to know more about fasting, its history, and benefits.


Africa: African History: From Ancient Egypt to Modern South Africa by Raymond C Nelson

This history book is a great addition to everything you need to know about Africa. It begins with explaining the three African civilizations, moving on to the Ancient Egyptians and the history of the great cities. The book is filled with references and backdates of many historical facts such as the great Zimbabwe Empire or the Kongo Kingdom followed by the European Colonization.

Africa is a great read on a nice weekend with a generous, warm cup of tea. It takes you back to many years ago and makes you forget about the world you live in now. The literature was very easy to understand, and the pace of the history telling was in a well-formatted way keeping you wanting to know more.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes to read on history and is interested in Africa.


Written by Jeyran Main


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