Chapter 1: Lesson 1: The First Humans Prehistory

I  am going to start by talking about Historians. It is important to know this before we even begin to learn about the past. Historians are scholars that study the past by using whatever records they can find. For instance, they use historic art or read letters, study religious documents, and community records.

If we want to study the time where none of these recourses were available then the study of prehistory will rely on Archaeology. These are scientists who study objects made by humans.

It is good to also know that there are Anthropologists that study the cultural aspect of human society. They study the clothes, what they ate, how custom was, and what language they spoke.

Now we can begin with the first humans. What did they look like? Well, the first humans looked nothing like us. Scientists believe that we most likely were descended from early forms of apes. Early human-like creatures look something between apes and us.

The first humans are called the HOMINIDS. There are many types of them but the famous ones are Australopithecus (4 million years ago), Homo Habilis (2 million years ago), Homo Erectus (roughly 1.5 million years ago), Homo Sapiens (roughly 400,000 years ago), Homo Sapiens Sapiens (roughly 200,000 years ago).

That’s it, folks. If you enjoyed today’s chalk talk then come back tomorrow for more.


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