Winter by Marissa Meyer (Book Review # 3)


Winter is Marissa Meyers last book. It is the finale where all of the characters come together. In this book, the author decides to keep you on your toes throughout the whole story. Every page is interesting and full of drama. There is action happening every corner you read. There are sad parts, happy parts, wow parts and much more. I recommend you to purchase this book as it makes all the anticipation and waiting worthwhile.


I am going to mention something here that may or may not benefit the author. That is, if you purchase Winter alone and just read this book, you can still catch up on all you missed and still understand the whole story altogether. On the other hand, if you wish to know all of the “Nitti Gritty” parts and in general just like a smooth read along and then reach to the end of the story then you should start from Cinder. The reason behind what I say is because the author touched base on every character and gave them at least a page describing everything they went through in this book. So if you just picked this up and did not know that there were three books before it, then you won’t be shooting yourself.


The book does focus initially on Winter and her story, her background and how she has been struggling with her situation. Her friendship with Jacin and her secret love was both sweet and intriguing. You never knew how her relationship was going to end or grow. Scarlet is pretty much useless until the end. She is a prisoner and besides her harsh language and angry referencing’s, you do not get to read much about her. Cinder is getting stronger and more determined. Wolf, Cress, and Iko are just the same people trying their best to help Cinder. Prince Kai now knows the secret and has more motivation for save his country from two vital things, the plague and Queen Levana. Torin, Aimery, and Maha have more roles to play in the series, and there are many battles and romance, which is always exciting and helpful.

Written by Jeyran Main
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6 Comments on “Winter by Marissa Meyer (Book Review # 3)

  1. A great review of my favorite book. I love how you describe the enchanting tales of each of our heroins, and keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I always appreciate any feedback. I hope to see you more often around here 🙂


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  3. Love this book! I’m pretty sure I had severally mini heart attacks while reading this book! Especially the last few chapters; I don’t think I was even breathing! Love the review and the series! 👏🏼


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