Latecomers to Love By Dee Cleary and Bruce Miller (Book Review #41)


It appears that you have to kiss a lot of ugly frogs to finally find your prince. In the case of Dee Cleary and Bruce Miller, Latecomers to Love is a collection of memories they have written about their first impression of an online meetup and first dates, giving us an insightful look at how hard it really is to find the everlasting love.

From dates that are sabotaged by friends only to keep the girl for them to men that hardly have any intention of paying for their own coffee never mind, their dates. You then realize what kind of pool you are going to be swimming in when you hit 50.

Every chapter of the book is a written story on how Dee or Bruce meet up with a certain potential date and eventually what happens on the date ending them not pursuing it anymore. I really enjoyed the ending of each chapter. If the story were about Dee, then Bruce would leave a funny little note about it and vice versa. Although the notes were like a tease or a poke at each other, it had a ring of truth to it. This made the book unique and different.

Each chapter also starts with a quote, for a possible teaching. A latecomer to Love also provides answers and guidance’s on who should be paying on a date? Whether intimacy should happen and when? What to talk about on the first date to kill those awkward silences. Consider these guys pros in dating based on the experiences they encounter. It is safe to say that finding love is harder than we thought but it is not impossible. Opening one’s heart to the possibility is the challenge, or else all these bad dates can end up as a funny story just like what these two authors have ended up doing.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants a fun, easy read on dating and wants to learn a few things “not to do” in their first encounter.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by both Authors.

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