Baghdad the Final Gathering by Ahmad Ardalan (Book Review #313)

This is a beautiful story about Omar and his family. As we all know, there are no winning sides when it comes to war. This book narrates the hardship an Iraqi family has to endure due to the consistent off and on wars conducted in his country.

The book displays a beautiful description of the city and clarifies the misperception westerners have regarding what social norm is in Iraq.

It was fascinating to read how sanctions affected the people and the quality of life, they were so desperate to keep. The reality of every invasion is that many are abused. The author did not shy away from that either, and by doing so, he created an everlasting emotional bond for the reader, making us feel strongly about the Iraqi people and what they really go through.

The work was written strongly, and I enjoyed the message that came from reading the book. We can always rise above the circumstances the world puts us in. For that, I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading about wars and wishes to know how both sides suffer.

Written by Jeyran Main

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