Erasing Scars by Dr. James D. Okun MD, Evangelita Goodwell (Book Review #21)


“Millions of Americans are afflicted with genital herpes with tens of thousands of new cases being reported each year. This ravaging disease afflicts its sufferers with both physical and emotional scarring, and while effective treatments for the physical aspects of the disease have been developed in recent years, relatively scant attention has been given to the emotional trauma associated with the disease. And even less attention has been given to the connection between patients’ stress levels and recurrences of herpes outbreaks.” By Erasing Scars



Erasing Scars provides a program and a method towards preventing outbreaks caused by the herpes virus. It does not advocate for you to replace or substitute any of your current medication and it certainly does not provide a magical solution to any problem. It simply points out the crucial part of understanding what leads to the outbreak of the disease and how you can prevent it from happening, or at least moderately resolve it.

When I initially started reading this book I felt overwhelmed with the information, however; slowly I realized that Erasing Scars is not just a book creating awareness to Herpes, it is also offering new theories and developments that can be proven to work. “Aesthetic Realism” is the philosophy offered in this book, developed by the poet and critic Eli Siegel and is the main breakthrough for this disease.


As Dr. Okun studies more into this philosophy, he discovers that there is a link between deep psychological pain, vision, and the herpes infection. This is where the book caught my attention. I have never read this anywhere through my studies. It is a fascinating discovery, and from there I did not wish to put the book down anymore.

Dr. Okun believes that “Aesthetic Realism teaches people an accurate way of dealing with the stresses inherent to life, and its role in alleviating stress.” He is convinced that “Aesthetic Realism is directly connected with the body’s own immune responses.” The book also covers what the meaning of stress is and offers many subject examples to solidify its discovery.

In summary, I recommend this book to anyone that is open to new medical discoveries and innovative remedies to healing.

Written by Jeyran Main

This book was given to me by Dr. James Okun for a review.

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8 Comments on “Erasing Scars by Dr. James D. Okun MD, Evangelita Goodwell (Book Review #21)

    • Great question. Shingles (Herpes Zoster) is caused by the Varicella Zoster (chickenpox) virus which is a member of the herpes virus family (HHV-3). It is often brought about by stressful events such as surgery or something like a car accident, generalized stress or a compromised immune system. So if there is something affecting someone deeply like a divorce or losing a job, and causing that person severe stress, it could potentially trigger shingles.

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