The Alex Cave Series Book 4. Gravity by James M. Corkill (Book Review #65)


This review is written for Online book club

“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

I have not read the previous books, and since everything is fresh and new for me, the review will also be on this book alone without any references to the previous stories.

When you have written three sequels to a story and have had a successful turnout, the chances of you failing at the 4th is minimal. As gravity is the phenomenal force that draws anything with mass towards its self, this story is pretty much an outer space experience where outer space affects the orbit of the moon causing the life of earth and everything on it to be in danger.


Alex Cave is the hero of this tale. He is a geologist and discovers this powerful device that is extremely dangerous. His job is clear but not simple. He has to destroy the device that is affecting the moon and convince his girlfriend that he is not playing around trying to avoid her. At the same time, he also has to save Earth from crashing into an asteroid.

Gravity is certainly a science fiction story. Although it covers the basics of science, we all studied in high school, with the implications caused if there wasn’t the moon and how the earth is dependent on it. We have the additional spice of romance and the excitement of saving the world with the always added ‘limited time’ cherry on top in this fourth attempt.

The pace and plot were excellent. The writer definitely knows how to grab your interest and demand your individual attention. He exhilarates your breathing and takes you away from your normal space into his world. The literary standard was in good standing and the character building although being my first read was still good enough to not make me feel out of place.

I believe this book suits Hollywood very well and if given a chance it will do very well at the box office.

I recommend this book to science fiction readers and out of space readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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