Fall to Earth by Ken Britz (Book Review #322)

Fall to earth is a Sci-fi fantasy novel written about Indiana Beckam. Her life ambition and dream is to be the best swordsman. She joins Arthur Macbabran, a scientist that has invented a device that can make or break the world. Indiana transforms so she can enter the energy course Arthur has created. However, just like every story, Cornwall Marks, the bad guy, wants to have power and is determined to do anything to keep it.

The first thing I noticed in the story was its strong background story. This book is part of a sequel and therefore, needed a strong foundation, and I believe, the author did the job justice.

The plot surrounding the work and the scenes were beautifully executed. What I preferred was a little more character development and express of emotion. However, I don’t believe that the lack of it, took away much from the experience. Instead, the casting crew was likable.

The pace of the story was semi-slow, but I believe that was necessary to provide a solid foundation for the next books to come.

The literature standard was suitable for its genre and kept its professional style one would expect. I believe this book would be suitable for people that enjoy outer space stories and Sci-fi fantasies.

Written by Jeyran Main

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3 Comments on “Fall to Earth by Ken Britz (Book Review #322)

  1. Really enjoyed both books, which left me hungry for more. Wasn’t phased by the techie parts, as I glossed over them, while grasping the basic precepts. One concern/critique was a lack of a glossary on names, roles, relationships, and cross references to who they were representative of in the Arthurian legends and other deities. I was constantly confused by who was who and who they represented, which led to a lot of back-tracking.

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