Vanished by Danielle Steel (Book Review #68)

This story begins with such a beautiful love encounter. Marielle and Charles fall in love and elope to get married. Marielle’s parents do not approve of Charles’s way of living. Although rich, he does not act like a responsible man or a family oriented kind of guy. Tragedy strikes for this two picturesque couple and causes them to separate.

Marielle remarries and even though this time around it is more for comfort and support rather than love. It seems like they both have a good thing going until, Teddy, their son, vanishes.

I found the story to be incredibly addicting. I really did not wish to put the book down and was constantly trying to guess where Teddy was and how he had just vanished into thin air. Normally when this happens, the chances of the boy being alive are less, so that really did dampen my mood on the reading. It takes a long time for the author to provide information on what happened between Charles and Marielle. There are many teases and side references. However, you really do not know until half, or most of the book is read.

The Author manages to also do a splendid job on Malcolm. The sense of love and hate with this character is overwhelming. This really shows Steel’s skilled hand in literature. Marielle’s love as a mother for her son was also very well portrayed.

The ending is very twisted and is a shock. This also was fascinating to me. There are references to so many emotional ordeals poor Marielle has to face as a woman living in the 1900’s. The loss, danger, drama, suspense of what she has to deal with was admirable.

This is a truly well written and a superbly put together story. I highly recommend it to fiction readers and alike.

Written by Jeyran Main


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14 Comments on “Vanished by Danielle Steel (Book Review #68)

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      • Maybe it isn’t so bad but I hadn’t read Steel in a very long time and in my head, I remember Wanderlust and The Promise… really old books, and I was much younger. The story seems shallow.


      • I totally agree on that. Her new books have constant repetition of the dialogue and it really is a shame


      • Oh, there was something else I noticed and I was wondering if it was meant to be like that. It kept repeating details – like the children of one of the main characters. It’s like she’s reminding the reader every chapter who the children are and where they are. It was so weird for me.


      • EXACTLY! That is what I mean! She has been doing this for almost all of her new books. It is so annoying, as if the reader is dumb and cannot remember the page before OR she just wants to fluff up the pages because she has no new content.


      • She’s also getting old. 😆 I’m going to read the one I saw out in the bookstore and if it’s still the same, I have to move on.


      • I think it is all due to the fact that she is publishing 4 books every year. When you are writing that much, that fast, the quality comes down.


      • And I don’t think she needs to write so many in a year. She’s actually the best selling author alive. She must leave us with a few masterpieces and retire. Haha!


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