The Welcome Home Dinner by Peggy Lampman (Book Review #326)

The Welcome Home Dinner is a contemporary woman’s fiction novel written about Addie and Samantha. These two women start a business in the culinary field. They buy and renovate a building in a very unsuitable town. Angus comes along like a rock and stands in front of this concept and idea. He has concerns over this business idea and has no fret expressing them. Many other factors increase pressure on these two friends. Addie and Samantha’s relationship begin to tumble. Their friendship, their business, and love interests all become things they have to resolve.

In the beginning, I thought the story wasn’t going to grab my interest. However, as I read along, things got much more interesting. I think it was the pace that may have contributed to the initial feelings.

The story was very well written, and the friendship between the two women was beautifully described. As I read more, I felt that the story had a much deeper meaning to it and think, that’s what made this book stand out.

The format of storytelling swapped narratives between the two friends and cousins. The time frame of the whole thing runs in a year. I enjoyed the fact that that plot revolved around. Being accepted by a society that is not receptive. How many times have we tried to start fresh and found it hard to be accepted?

The book also discusses sensitive matters such as race, human trafficking, and other issues.

I recommend this book to people that enjoy reading fiction and contemporary romance.

Written by Jeyran Main

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