The Remnants by W.P. Osborn (Book Review #64)

This review is written for Online book club “I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

This is a love story written based on a true tale going back to pre-World War, where Danny Pulbrook and Rose Quayle meet the most unlikely way and promise to stay faithful to each other until Danny comes back from the war. Danny has enlisted in the army, and Rose works for the upper English society where etiquette and social interactions restrict her from being free. The author describes thrilling war scenes with his skillful writing. He also touches your heart with emotional turmoil and speaks of the impact war has on everyone during those hard times. The pace of the story with the characters personalities was written in a beautiful way. It kind of reminds you of ‘Pearl Harbour’ and the love connection alongside the loss of lives and the practicality of everything that we suffer and appreciate with war.


The romance between the two was not a sudden infatuation and thankfully was believable. Gentle touches of love and care emphasized the actual form and the reality of what feelings are. Separation and difficulties of staying in touch were also addressed delicately into this love tale. There are plenty historical references to the war and stories of many countries capturing moments of loss, tragedy, and hardship in every angle possible.


The remnants consist of many side stories alongside the main plot which adds content and backstory. However, if eliminated, would have still been just as good. Therefore, I was not sure of the reason for wanting to add more dialogue and text to a story that is already well written. If there is a sequel to this book, then that may have been the reason for it. Otherwise, I felt it was unnecessary.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes to read a nice historical romance.

Written Jeyran Main

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