The Clerk by Matt Cowper (Book Review #62)


The Clerk is a story about Thomas. It begins with his birthday and as he turns 40 things in his life could not be more pleasant. Thomas works in a grocery store and lives on the North Carolina Coast. He consumes good food and has almost no friends. Nothing really rattles his boat. Thomas has a friend with benefits, and she satisfies his other needs. He feels that there is nothing wrong with the way he lives. Thomas is content as can be with his life.

Thomas’ father, on the other hand, is not so pleased with him. Frank Copeland, does not approve of Thomas’s life. Thomas has no career, no steady girl, and very few friends. Frank believes that Thomas’ fate may end up like his grandfather’s with suicide. Thomas’ family is dysfunctional, and his sister is on the verge of a divorce. Everyone around him constantly brings their troubles to him, and he just ignores them away with one line comments or by just walking away. He can’t fix their problems so why bother helping?


While the story may seem very plain and ordinary to the eyes of some, it has a few captivating messages within. If you look closer and deeper, you actually can identify a family that is suffering from depression, self-doubt, bonding and mental issues. A history of suicide that runs from father to son and commitment issues that Thomas personally suffers are all alarming segments of this fictional story.

Thomas views women by not just looking at their face or eyes. When he looks, it is mostly sexual. The way he describes the women he meets all begin with their hair colour, the way her lips tease and then the figure and explicitly carries on until you really feel that you have read enough. He has a problem with staying or wanting to commit to any woman. The women around him also do not seem to dig deeper into his issues to figure out what he really is lacking. His simple life is not acceptable to his family and to the people he knows.


There is no exciting plot or a twisted scene where you need to look out for. It is a straightforward book with no grammatical or structural issues, which I was impressed with. The pace of the story meshes very well with the theme of the book, and the literary standard was impressive.

I would really like a sequel to this book. I want to see how this back-story works out for Thomas.

I recommend this book to Fiction readers and look forward to reading more from this Author.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author, Matt Cowper.

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