The Flash Point Project by R. A. Rios (Book Review #341)

The flash point project is a futuristic story about Tom, living in the twenty-second century and discovering an underground city that is to change his life. As if living with nightmares and the aftermath of what he has gone through so far in his life has not been enough, he soon discovers that this 200-level underground city also has its secrets.

Since I had previously read “A gift for Sarah,” from this author, I knew what I was almost getting into. However, once I began, I noticed a drastic change in the style of writing and storytelling. The work was almost as if it was written by someone else. Although in my opinion, the work still needed professional editing, I felt that the storyline and plot were laid out very well.

The character Tom had a multi-layered personality, and the story was told in his perspective and narrative. It all begins with him explaining what happened to his life and then continues with the discovery.

I believe the author has much room to improve its world setting and descriptive writing. However, what did exist in his work, was pleasant to read and easy to understand.

Written by Jeyran Main

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