Life into Mist by Haidji (Book Review #93)

Life into Mist is a journey. It is set in a place where souls travel to earth as a newborn. This poetic, mystical story has a combination of stories where a girl is recounting her life or a boy is trying to help an old man. It is truly warm to the heart and dear to the mind.

The world is magical and enchanting just like the author’s other book titled: Fancy & Adriaan. The style of writing and literature standard is just as high and poetic as the previous book I have reviewed.

The described tale is not from somewhere we know of. It is like a beautiful painting similar to the ones where you “pop” inside while you close your eyes.

Do not be surprised as there are many interpretations you may take from the book when you read it. Tenderness and caring have a strong role in this beautiful tale. The Author describes love and companionship alongside much more emotional references.

There are spaces between sentences, which were similar to the Authors previous book I had reviewed. This attracts the reader’s mind into contemplating the thought of what they have just read before moving on to the next. I find this very smart and thought out by the Author.

I recommend this book to everyone likes to read something out of this world.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author, Haidji.

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