Kale and Jason by Travis Lee (Book Review #103)


This review was kindly requested by the Author, Travis Lee.

Do the paths you take and the dreams of getting there always appear to be the right course of action? And let’s assume you get there, is it then, all you ever wanted?

For Kale & Jason, this story begins with a dream, a goal that is borderline obsessive. Becoming a warrior is all they ever want to be. Jason is an apprentice, and as usual, his master is holding back on teaching him everything Jason needs to know. This fact frustrates our aspiring young lad, and on the other side, Kale seems to have a better chance, or so it seems. He receives occasional tutoring via a swordsman.

The setting for this Wizarding World is exceptionally well written. Although the two main characters come from a separate and different way of growing up, they both share a touching childhood, and that is, being an orphan. The tale is written from two perspectives, which was very insightful.


Everything changes when raiders attack Kale’s village. These two men meet, and it is their time to shine. There is a sword named the Masamune. This sword plays a significant role in the story.

Although I found the cover of the book to be not as clear, I enjoyed reading the tale. The story does take on enough backstory to support the whole plot. I found the ending and the build up to getting there quite pleasing. The author’s style of writing is delicate to the mind and easy on the understanding.

Everything about the story and the casting crew was very well thought out. I believe that this science fiction, dark fantasy tale does draw you in enough to forget your surroundings and inclusively indulge yourself into the drama and exciting battles it retains.

Having read so many books in the Wizarding world, I believe this one was unique and I do recommend it.

Written by Jeyran Main

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