Lumiana by Alex Benkast (Book Review #347)

Lumiana is the first stand-alone contemporary book written in the romance series called, Rebels Like Us. Lumiana is an anthropologist that has a passion for music. She has had a rough time growing up, and that has caused her to withhold her emotions, but when she meets another musician, she finally is able to experience how it feels to come out of her shell.

Johnny is looking to create an album, and when he hears Lumiana’s voice, he is awestruck. There is foul play at hand, however, and that causes a stormy event between the two which induces the reader and the story to be very interesting to read.

When I initially saw the cover of the book, I was instantly drawn to see what the story was about. It had that feminine touch to it which was appealing for a romantic story. I personally enjoyed Lumiana’s personality. The author described the story in a very emotional and touching way, which was needed for the plot. A gifted and talented girl whose heartbreak was felt and was very relatable added to the drama and the dashing.

The relationship between Lumiana and Johnny was also believable and not too – Hollywood style. The foundation of the storyline was also strong since this is to be the first of its series, the author introduced a cast filled with character and narratives, in order to add to its branches.

I believe anyone interested in reading a well-written romance novel will enjoy this one.

Warm Regards,

Jeyran Main

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