An Uncivil War:Elise t’Hoot (Book Three) by Mary Ellen Wall (Book Review #350)

An Uncivil War is a short science fiction book. This is book three of its series, and so the story begins where it left off from book two. Elise has saved the settler children and takes them home. There is a rebellion against the Patriots which makes Elise and her friends decide if they wish to take this high risk. She is also hurt by a sniper and has to deal with two of her friends fighting for her affection.

The author has seriously done her research in this fantasy Sci-fi story. Three different types of aliens are tree-like shells.  They are the ancient, gigantic crab-scorpion frights and the gaudily clothed bipeds. She even went as far as looking into finding scientific research papers to back some of the findings in order to prove the possibility of it being real.

The story has an immense amount of detail and sci-fi data to it. The characters were all designed with individual personality traits and the connection between them was nice. The plot and world development will be a little fuzzy to you if you have not read the previous books. I initially thought that the books could also be read as standalone stories; however, that is not the case. I recommend you start with book 2 or if you can get from book 1.

Any reader that enjoys an intense Sci-fi story would really like this one.

Written by Jeyran Main

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