Junior Inquisitor by Lincoln Farish (Book Review #112)

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The Junior Inquisitor is a dark fantasy mystery novel written about a man named Sebastian. He is part of an order where they protect humans from witches, werewolves, ogres, and more fantasy creatures. The group is called the “Inquisitors.” Something devastating happens to Brother Sebastian causing him to lose his wife and baby. He is imprisoned as a suspect and that is when the brethren come to save him by recruiting him. As he is on a revenge mission trying to find out who did this, he is called on to abandon his quest and to pursue the one they give him.

Brother Sebastian is a junior inquisitor, so he is not entirely aware of all the rules and terminology used for the rituals and regulations that are performed or set by the order. He also lacks experience. The author uses this situation to create opportunities for further elaborations on the parts where it would possibly be confusing to the reader. Many subject matters were unfamiliar to me, and every time I thought to myself what does that even mean? Sebastian would ask the same question, and then the story would explain.

As Sebastian carries on with his new mission, he comes across situations where he needs to make decisions that do not actually work along with Inquisitor rules. He makes a big mistake and takes chances that may have harsh consequences in the end. What appears to be a routine mission for him, rapidly turns to become a deadly one.


I found the story to be somewhat confusing. I understood the concept and the plot, but there were just too many rushed up events, character names and sudden changes of rules (rules that were set in stone a few pages before) that put me off. The ending, though, was sweet and contained the much-needed punch to pull everything together. It also opened up room for the second sequel.

I recommend this tale to people that like to read books on slaying monsters and Sci-Fi fantasy tales.

Written by Jeyran Main

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