E.I.E. by Derek hunter (Book Review #351)

E.I.E. is a story about Robert Robillard. He suffers from depression and decides to leave his town in order to find some answers that have been growing intensely in his mind. He is suicidal and ends up killing some people while he is in Arizona. He travels back to his town reminiscing his actions and to say his final goodbyes before completely disappearing. The father of the people he has killed is after him, and that is when the story takes some psychological twists and turns ending this intriguing story.

The initial reaction towards the book was interesting. I think what made this book stand out was its style of literature and Roberts personality. This 23-year-old is a very complicated human being and therefore, his interactions, thoughts, story becomes unique.

The concept of self-reflect is another interesting aspect of this story. Although the plot is not to be used as an education tool, it still makes you wonder and think about some consequences and dilemma that could, in fact, happen in reality.

The literature had a mixed sense of a poetic and complex form of writing which I believe added to the features of this tale. The author’s hand on arts, in my opinion, also took effect and made this book novel to its genre and provided a good explanation for its cover design. The content had a nice flow of connectivity and was

I recommend this book to psychological thriller readers and alike.

Written by Jeyran Main

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