Hannah’s Moon by John A. Heldt (Book Review #109)

Hannah’s Moon is the fifth book of the American Journey. I happen to review two of his other books, titled: The MineSeptember Sky, where you can read by clicking on the links.

This book is about a couple that has been struggling to conceive a child. They are desperate to adopt but find it almost impossible and emotionally drained over the long, hefty process of getting through the system. Clair and Ron place all hopes into the hands of Clair’s Uncle who happens to know a way to go back in time where everything is much easier.

As they travel back to 1945, things could not get any better. They begin their lives in Tennessee, and they start to enjoy a life that is much more pleasant and hassle-free. However, as such is life, nothing comes for free, and so the Navy calls and other danger rises, changes have to be made, and choices have to be taken.

Hannah’s Moon is a very emotional and touching story. The characters are instantly lovable, and the relation between the couple and the immense love that they share is absolutely beautiful. So much heartache and relatable issues are brought up subtly within the context of the story, which makes you think about how our lifestyle is today.

The literary standard was just as I expected, very well and exceptionally executed. Although the cover is extremely working for the story’s favor, I believe, that John has actually finished his series with a bang.

The story is easy to understand and has enough historical references to the war and the way people lived back in 1900. This makes the tale to be simply respected for what it is representing. The paragraphs flow easily and connect smoothly throughout the text. I especially liked this book because it really did touch my heart and make me feel emotional towards the message within the story.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from this excellent author.

Written by Jeyran Main

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