Ride the Wave by John Wessinger (Book Review #356)

Ride the wave is a book for business professionals and entrepreneurs teaching them how to overcome the challenges they face in the current technology-dominant era. It can also be used for people that are attempting to overcome personal and professional encounters.

The concept of the book is to demonstrate that surfing and business are actually very much related. It is meant to be driven by two experiences of which the author has encountered. He has two bad instances. One, when he decides to surf for the first time and second when he begins to start a business. Soon after he realizes that the two challenges are not so different, and by comparing the similarities and differences, he begins to strategize a list on addressing the problems and inevitably create a book that teaches you how to succeed in both.

I found the literature to be very easy to read and to understand. The book is planned and organized in specific sections addressing each issue, and I found the entire read to be very enjoyable.

I believe anyone seeking a novel way of approaching problematic business and personal obstacles will benefit from this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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