The Second Cup by Sarah Marie Graye (Book Review #363)

The second cup is a woman’s fiction. It revolves around four friends and what they go through not only as a group but, also individually. As one member pursues her ex-lover, she begins to have deeper thoughts about her own life. Finding out that he has killed himself does not come easily to her. The thoughts of one, become epidemic and all friends begin to question their own life choices. One incident shudders the group, and that is when the story takes a turn evolving into this multi-diverse mesh of character development and intrigued notion of relationship dramas.

As the author decided to use four women in the story, it was inevitable for each one to have their own personality and niche. I believe that part of the plot was accomplished quite well. What I found a little irritating was that the narration kept changing from first to the third person. While some may find this okay and acceptable, I find it confusing and unnecessary. That, of course, did not take away any intrigue from the storyline plot or its development. However, it made it confusing to follow, and sometimes it was hard to know who the story was talking about.

Having said that, I enjoyed the dynamic between the girls, the relationship between them, and what transpired as their own individual growth challenges. I believe the author has great potential in creating good literature.

The content also discusses sensitive topics such as depression, suicide, and other mental health issues. I would recommend this book to people that like a more serious take on real-life issues and relationships.

Written by Jeyran Main

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