No Greater Love by Eris Field (Book Review #138)

[Following is an official review of “No Greater Love” by Eris Field.]

There is no greater love when two people meet under the most unusual circumstances. As fate works against them, their desire to be together is compromised yet their hearts remain bonded forever. This is a romance novel written about a Turkish immigrant named Janan and a Dutch psychiatrist named Pieter.

Pieter has traveled all the way from Amsterdam to Western New York to find out if he has cancer. Once in America, he decides to see his friend and mentor, Carl. He resolves in buying a bottle of premium Dutch as a gift to give Carl. At the liquor store Pieter bumps into a beautiful woman named Janan and is instantly smitten with her Circassian beauty. After Pieter arrives at Carl’s house, he notices that the same beautiful woman he met in the liquor store also works and often lives at Carl’s home. That is where he realizes that Janan is not only beautiful, but she is also intelligent, loving and has been through a traumatic life growing up. Pieter learns that her family was killed in the 1992 earthquake in Turkey. Continue Reading…


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