Chaste by Jesse Teller (Book Review #135)

This review was requested by Rebeka Teller.

Chaste is a dark, horror fantasy story written about a girl named Cheryl. This is the third book of the tales from Perilisc. Chaste is a town suffering from a plague. The town is dedicated to Cory-lyn-ber, who is the father of Hope and Light.

Cheryl witnesses her mother and father being murdered. Her parents were the religious leaders working for Cory-lyn-ber. Losing them really shakes her belief in everything. The story is full of murder, sickness, agony, pain, rape, and abuse. However, there is some hope for this town, and that comes from five strangers, Ruther, Sai, Trevonne, Sob and Ambul who happen to visit the town. Each of them has an interesting backstory and come to Chaste noticing that something really weird is going on. After staying for a little while they decide to find the source of the sickness and to save the town.

 Liefdom by Jesse Teller-Book Review

Cheryl’s destiny from the start begins to be very harsh but as the story develops she also transforms and develops into a much stronger person. She faces everything that she has been trying to avoid including Cory-lyn-ber.


I found the story to be really dark and twisted. It is filled with sadness and sorrow. The killing of children and murders were gruesome. Some possess the talent of reading about these sensitive topics without having it take much effect on their mood, but for me, it was a hard pill to swallow.

This, of course, does not indicate anything negative about the book. In fact, it was written so well that it managed to have such an effect on me. The literary standard was excellent. The plot was very well thought out, and the layout was superbly placed together. I can strongly say that Jesse Teller is an excellent writer and I look forward to reading more of his books.

Written by Jeyran Main

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