An Empire in Runes by Jeffrey L Kohanek (Book Review #136)

This review was kindly requested by Jeffrey L Kohanek

An Empire in Runes is part three of a fantasy series continuing the story of Brock and his compatriots in their journey to confront a horde of monsters that destroy anything in their path.

We continue with Brock after they have taken over the prison which is holding on to people that are Unchosen, (without a rune). These are humans that have no standing in society but possess the power of Chaos within them. Brock begins to train these people. This is a power that even he is still not yet that comfortable with. However, there are those in the Ministry that are trying to keep the power of Chaos hidden and are working against Brock to prevent the return of it. They are willing to do anything necessary to prevent Brock from succeeding.

They have to be fast, for this ancient prophecy to be fulfilled. Brock and his faithful followers must do everything they can to prevent the end of days. Not only are they trying to build their forces to defend humanity but also they all must watch their backs from the mysterious faction in the Ministry that is trying to prevent them from showing the world the power of Chaos. If Brock reveals the return of Chaos to be among the Unchosen then this will disrupt the balance of society, which is built upon the runic symbols of the Chosen.

The Buried Symbol (The Runes of Issalia #1) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek (Book Review #86)

I really enjoyed the continuation of the tale of Brock and his followers. They have become quite a tight-knit group and have gone through so much together. It was nice to see the building of multiple relationships, romances, and friendships that were entailed within the content. The author has eloquently captured the joys and frustrations of the antagonist Brock in his effort to not only master a lost art but to also try to teach it to those that have the gift.

At times I felt that the story focused a little too much on Brock and his group without flipping to the other story lines to keep the urgency of the situation, but I was still enraptured in the web that was woven of everything that took place. The amount of action, adventure, twists, and turns keep you continually wanting to read more on finding out the eventual outcome of this well-written novel.

The literary standard was high and never faltered to describe the situations, surroundings, and conversations of the characters. I felt that the romantic scenes did leave some to the imagination, which was quite nice. This also kept the book open to a younger audience.

The Emblem Throne: The Runes of Issalia, Book II by Jeffrey L Kohanek (Book Review #101)

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys well-written fantasy stories, which do not disappoint. This is not a stand-alone book. Therefore, it is recommended that the reader begins this journey from Part 1.

Written by Jeyran Main


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