POPO GIGI: The earlier years – London to Bollywood (Popo Gigi, #1) by Samuel G. Sterling (Book Review #98)

This review was requested by Joliwood books

This is a 596-page book!

It is primarily about a guy named Popo Gigi. He is seeking his biological father. Unfortunately, Popo’s father abandoned his pregnant wife and shipped her off to London, England. Therefore, as you can imagine, he isn’t a very nice guy. Popo is adamant to pursue closure.

In his journey through Bombay, India, Popo has many encounters and deals with many dramas of which some do and some do not work out for him.


I believe that for someone like me, who’s never been to India and is not that familiar with the culture and setting, I was not accustomed to the humor and did not fully understand the sarcastic phrases and references made. However, this comment most certainly does not incline anything negative towards the book.

I found it pleasant to read. Although I spotted many editing issues, it was still in good standing. The entire tale has moments of laughter and sadness. It was well put together and it was evident that the author cared to make sure that its reader was fully informed about the terminology of things and how everything worked out.

The story ends with you wanting to know more. I recommend this book to people that wish to read on contemporary fiction and humorous topics with a bit of culture thrown in.

Written by Jeyran Main

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