Love is the Power by Robert O. Williams (Book Review #370)

Love is the power is a self-help, health and fitness book. In James Twyman’s word, “This book is a revolution.” By helping us, all understand the concept of changing how we look at relationships and the world we live in; the author answers questions like who we are and where we come from. Robert, the inventor of Quantum Code Technology, tempts us to look at things in his perspective.

The author uses quantum technology to learn and validate the power of mass collective consciousness. His intentions are pure. To move the human mind from fear to love. He hopes to create world peace. Is that possible? You may ask, and that is what I thought when I began reading this book.

The author demonstrates how an app that he has programmed can easily apply this method to almost every person. This book explains how the program works and reflects the history and the science behind it. What you achieve are less stress and a more receptive heart.

What I particularly enjoyed about the book was that the author used personal references as examples for what he was trying to convey. His love for music, being an educator, loving science, all have contributed to delivering this masterpiece, and I believe, it is one to look out for.

The literature is strong and well edited. The double spacing at times did distract me from the flow of reading the work, but it did not take away anything from its rich content.

I recommend this book to people who are seeking a change in life and do believe that good things can happen once you set your mind to it.

Written by Jeyran Main

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