The Shadow Tribe – The Boy With the Scar by Jaffrey Clark (Book Review #382)

The boy with the scar is book one of three in the young adult fantasy series of The shadow tribe. This fantasy novel is about a young boy named Joby and his dog Scratch. Joby lives alone and is homeless. He is strong and can fight his way through the way he lives. He isn’t an ordinary boy and possesses a scar on his arm. This scar lights up when an incident happens, as he saves a beggar. The dark magic comes from the person he fights with to save the beggar. This intrigues him to find out why and what the scar is for, in the first place.

The tale was short and sweet. Having said that, it had everything an interesting story would need. A young boy, magic, secrets, surprise, suspense and funny moments were all embedded within this small book.

The literature was suitable for its audience, and the character was developed splendidly. Joby was relatable and easy to love. It was apparent to see that the work was written with care and exceptional thought. Even though it was short, there weren’t any loopholes or fluffed up content just to drag the story along. Everything had a purpose, and the wordings were carefully put together, creating a fascinating story.

I recommended this book to parents and kids that enjoy reading adventure stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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