In the Depths of Darnkess by Sean N Fletcher (Book Review #152)

This review was kindly requested by Sean Fletcher.

In the Depths of Darkness is the first of its series. It’s a science fiction, space fantasy novel written about Alex Starburn. He gets arrested for stealing and is then given a choice to either rot in backwater or to become a soldier and serve the Earth Alliance. The story is set in the year 2119. Alex begins training only to realize that he and a few others have been chosen for a trial testing. It is an advanced neural chip that turns humans into elite soldiers.

Things get even worse when Alex finds himself accused of murder after the operation. He and the others charged, go on a run. This high epic chase for discovering the truth and overcoming battles with all sorts of bounty hunters makes this novel to be quite fascinating. There is romance, outer space drama, and pirates involved in this story as well.

There are aliens threatening Earth to top things off. Things are definitely not easy for the heroine. Alex is not alone though. When he was enlisted, he teamed up with three other outcasts, and that is where this story becomes even more interesting.


The dynamic between the group, the character developments and the connectivity between the four was excellently drafted together. The author portrays true knowledge towards the story he has written. The plot drafts beautiful pictures in the reader’s mind and easily allows the understanding of the drama, dilemma, and emotions embedded within the content. Killian, Vaness, and Jess were perfectly added to the mixture, and that created, even more, diversity of characters and personalities including backstory to the plot.


There are no sexual content or profanity within the book making it an excellent read for the younger audience. I believe that this author has done a great job with this book and I look forward to reading book two.

Written By Jeyran Main

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