Between Two Worlds by Jodi Hockinson (Book Review #175)

This review was kindly requested by Southeast Media.

Between Two Worlds is a fantasy novel containing time travel and shape shifting. It is the first book of the Lion Clan Series and it focuses on two characters named, Temi and John. Temi is a wonderful girl that is destined to be the leader of the Mountain Lion Clan. They are a hybrid of shapeshifters. Once her mother discovers Temi’s powers, she moves her away from the mountains to protect her. When they return after ten years of absence, Temi begins to learn more about herself and the Mountain in order to find her destiny.

There is also a mystical necklace in question that is from the heart of the mountain. Temi also has the ability to travel in time. As she does, she meets John several of times, causing her to believe that there is something more to it than meets the eye. When she does eventually meet him in the modern day, they both realize that they are both destined for bigger things.

I found the story to be quite compelling. The plot was very intriguing. The fact that it contained paranormal activity within a time travel experience, made the novel unique. The literary standard was up to speed. I barely noticed any editing issues and enjoyed the steady flow of the pace. The main characters were well invested and there was enough character development for both to be just as relatable and interesting to read.

I did feel that the added naturistic touch in the content was a very well thought out plan. It added more depth and a realistic approach to the spirit of the Mountain and everything that was connected to it. I think the only thing that could improve this novel would be less repetitive information. Otherwise, I really enjoyed reading it.

I highly recommend this book to young adult/ fantasy lovers that enjoy shape shifting and time travel stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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