Fake News by David Hutter (Book Review #384)

Fake News is a satirical novella about Donald Trump. It is a book written with strange facts replayed with Donald Trump in power. The author believes that Trump’s relationship with North Korea, British Prime Minister Theresa May and his advisers have all been encouraged by vague and strange historical events. By the end of the book, you also get to read on all of the described events and what the story is based on.

What I found interesting and enjoyable in this book was that it was a fair and objective view on the situation. The approach was novel. The literature was well written and organized in chapters, each to its own merit discussing and analyzing the subject matter.

The book is funny and has some humorous content that makes you laugh out loud. I found the mixture of historical fact, US administration and everything in between to be very entertaining.

What we are currently experiencing in the world is a lot of change and to address it by any means possible, is in my opinion, the right way to go about it.

I believe this book would be suitable for people that are into history, politics and are open to some humor.

Written by Jeyran Main

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