The Revolutions of Caitlin Kelman by Matthew Luddon (Book Review #166)

This review was kindly requested by Matthew Luddon.

The Revolutions of Caitlin Kelman is a young adult & teen novel written about a sixteen-year-old named Caitlin. The story is set in an Empire where the land is categorized and well divided. The main ground is the center and prime of the city called the Dominion City. The Interior is the section after the Dominion city, which is where the second-class citizens live. Anywhere after that is called the borderlands which signify the foreigners and the poorest people. The wealth and the status of people who live within the categorized lands indicate the quality of life they possess.


The Empire executes Caitlin’s parents. Hence, she wants nothing but revenge and closure for what has happened. Pursuing this agenda she joins a group called the stateless in order to fight against the Empire. On her journey, she befriends a boy named Alec. Her world again falls apart when she realizes that Alec will be joining the Empire. She is then torn between how she is going to find revenge fighting against the person she loves.

I found the story to be a thrilling dystopian young adult novel. The adventure, world setting and plot summarizing were superbly done. The book is the first of its series to I was not surprised with how it all ended and there were enough character background and storyline fed within the content to provide more depth in the next books coming. I felt that the age of the main character could have benefited from being a little older considering the death, deception and more mature nature of the actions she conducts. However, altogether the storyline was well put together and kept my interest throughout.

I recommend this book to any young adult fiction thriller lover.

Written by Jeyran Main

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