“Born Again Losers!” By Rick Hoover (Book Review #173)

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Born Again Losers!” by Rick Hoover]

Born Again Losers is a religious book written primarily about Christianity. The author begins to explain how he believes that one needs to lose in Christian life before they can win. Rick has had his fair share of troubles and strongly recommends that we must look at life with a different perspective learning how to win by losing.

As I read this book, it felt like everything fell apart for Rick between the ages of 8 till 14. In just 6 years, Rick loses his father, his middle brother leaves the family behind as soon as he can drive and, his sister leaves by getting married. His eldest brother gets drafted into the Army and his only living grandparent passes away before his sister’s wedding. None of his uncles do anything to help him or his mother cope with all of the changes in their lives and they get to move home twice, due to financial restraints. Rick is filled with the pain of loss and suffers in silence, as he really does not have the mechanisms needed to cope with all of the changes. This causes a lot of anger and frustration for him. He turns to the Christian faith and that is what saves him from himself. Continue Reading…

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